Terms  & Conditions


The relationships that occur because of hosting services that customers or guests receive at this address (which hereinafter is identified as “Company” or “Hotel” interchangeably), is governed by the provisions of the contract hosting concluded between the company and the host, this regulation and in matters not covered in these documents by commercial law and additionally by the civil applicable, by the Official Rules Applicable by the Federal Tourism Act and its regulations. These provisions are considered mandatory, known and accepted by the host and the customs and practices governing public on the subject of this square is also applied.


The guest has the unavoidable obligation to register perfectly filling the registration card established by the company. When guests are a group hired previously, your representative will fill registration cards or deliver the list to meet reserve requirements, the company is entitled to require, if deemed appropriate, identification of the applicant and of the people who accompanying the accommodation. Everyone who enters the hotel as cards, is required to register at reception.


Safety deposit boxes are located in the area of ​​rooms, the service is free for our guests. The Hotel is “NOT RESPONSIBLE” for jewelry, money or anything of value that is not deposited in the safes.

ARTICLE FOUR. Natural contingencies.

The hotel is not liable for damage to valuables caused by any event or contingency nature (fires, explosions, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) if those were not deposited in safe deposit boxes.


The time of entry to the hotel is at 15.00 hours, and can be extended until 8 pm if the guest has a confirmed reservation. In case that the guest required to make an entry after 20:00 need to notify the reception or reservations. The check-out time is 12.00 hours. The room remains occupied after the departure time, will the charges for hosting another day.


The hotel has ads and security measures located in different areas of the same. Should these we are respected by the host, the Hotel is not liable for accidents or mishaps that could be caused by his failure. Minors should not go out alone in the rooms, no circular corridors, gardens, swimming pools or public areas of the hotel, unaccompanied by an adult, as the hotel is not responsible for accidents in such circumstances. If any of our guests illness, Hotel provide a particular medical service, forcing the host to cover the fees of the same. smoking hotel facilities is not permitted, unless you are in open spaces such as palapa room or terrace.


Payment of fee. In Mexican pesos. Host’s obligation punctually settle the amount due account in the Hotel, as required by the company. The price of hosting service, is established in the respective flyer governing establishment, payment may be required in advance, according to the company. The guest can guarantee payment to the hotel by signing a promissory note (voucher) for any credit card accepted by the hotel. All prices are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this brochure and other documentation provided to you along with your travel documents. Prices in this brochure apply in Mexico. Prices are subject to change without notice. However, if you have a confirmed booking with deposit, or has already made full payment, the price is not subject to change. The price does not include air fare and transfers, unless specifically stated. The expenses of a personal nature are not included, such as sports activities, excursions, drinks in the bar, and so on. Prices are based on the amount of nights. Failure to pay by the host as required to effect, cause the termination of the hosting service and the company may use the police to enforce and carry out the evacuation of the room can hold luggage guarantee in Expected terms in laws and regulations. Rate subject to seasonality.

High season rates apply;
Period Christmas – New Year: December 16, 2015 to January 10, 2016
March 2016: March 15, 2016 to March 31, 2016
July-August: July 1, 2016 to August 10, 2016.
Christmas – New Year 2017: December 16, 2016 to January 10, 2017
Rest of the year Low Season rate applies.


It is strictly forbidden guests:
A. Make noises, causing riots, introduce music, bringing animals and generally any act that disturbs or uncomfortable guests.
B. Use the rooms for gambling prohibited by law or meetings that aim to disrupt public order or disobey the laws or rules.
C. Using the electron current and mechanical equipment installed in his room for other purposes other than for which they are intended.
D. deteriorate the hotel decor or goods giving improper service to your destination.
E. Run any act that causes damage to hotel guests or others, or are contrary to decency or social behavior. The company reserves the right to terminate the hosting service when the prohibitions contained without causing them or guest has the right to any reduction in their debt for hosting or services being well received payment or compensation are infringed the damages that cause their behavior.
Respect the hours of service of exposed below: Hours of Service Hotel Boutique Casa de Adobe;
Front Desk: 24 hours
Clemente Restaurant: 8-22: 30 hours.
Los Amorosos Restaurant Bar- 8-22: 30 hours.
Pool: 8-18: 00 hours
It is strictly forbidden: a) Use of pool and restaurant areas (Clemente and loving) off service schedules.
b) Introduce food and drinks not purchased in the hotel premises. Unless;
Guests can store food and beverages provided they are consumed in their room


The Hotel reserves the right to refuse visits to the rooms they occupy our guests, being right hotel to request the immediate evacuation of the rooms of unauthorized persons on the registration card in any case be given notice of receipt Hotel of any change in the number or identification of people staying originally recorded. In any case the number of people staying in each room, may be higher to 4 people and in the case of scandal or acts that endanger the integrity of the other guests, either inside the rooms or areas Hotel common use property. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the host misuse made of the room. The damage and damage caused to facilities owned Hotel because of misuse by the guest, they will be charged to the account of the same.

ARTICLE TEN: Required information.

Required information. It is the obligation of guests to the hotel management of illnesses or contagious diseases, deaths, offenses or crimes that happen in the room and that they have knowledge, so that the company can in turn take appropriate measures and report immediate authority where appropriate. Under no circumstances may be entered, either in the luggage or otherwise, to the company, dangerous articles such as controlled substances, weapons, explosives, cylinders containing compressed air or combustible substances. The use of illegal substances inside the premises, or a fault with the regulations of Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca is strictly prohibited or when so required by the federal regulations. The company reserves the right to refuse to allow anyone to enter in the hotel premises any item deemed inappropriate or dangerous member. Pets not allowed (except for service animals for members with special needs).


The company and / or their agents, employees, officers, shareholders and their own companies, subsidiaries and / or holding companies and / or subsidiaries and / or ciliary (all such persons together identified in this document as well as the “company” does not takes risks or liability as a reason for the hosting service or other contract or his companions (hereinafter these activities and services as “services”) such as activities, conducting tours, tour guides, exploration, rent taxis, hiking, Tourist walk navigation, cycling, diving, medical services, visits to colonial or archaeological monuments and in general all leisure activities and sports related to the natural environment of the hotel or you rent and / or provide the guest and / or its accompanying equipment scuba diving or other equipment for carrying out activities related to services.


The company in providing hosting services, is committed to fulfilling expressly agreed in accordance with the nature of the accommodation and the rules attached to the use and practice exist in this already ordered by the laws and regulations.


The company responds as securities depository, money, jewelry and other items of guests constitute tank in hotel management and are received in that capacity by the staff of the company, authorized for this purpose and has been granted in writing receipt corresponding.


The company does not authorize access to rooms occupied by guests of any person who has not been expressly authorized by the client, any case, reserves the right not to allow room visits in others. Those who hold the representation of the Company, the Hotel or provide services relating to accommodation, have free access to the rooms occupied by customers. When customers are absent for more than 72 (seventy two) hours without notice to management, the company will give suspended or terminated by the Accommodation Agreement, as is prevented in the following article, except that the value Luggage royal guest did not guarantee the amount of the bill, this circumstance may terminate or suspend the lodging with the absence of the host for more than 24 hours.


In case of loss of key room, guests must request corresponding replacement in the hotel reception, with the understanding that it is obliged to provide information and documents to prove his identity and to cover the amount due for the loss of the key.


It is booking a room hosting a preparatory agreement that is perfected when the company confirms it accepts a written request from the host and ratify this your request meets the conditions that were set. Besides filling the registration card established by the company and the signing of the contract the corresponding hosting, it is understood as requirements for perfecting the act of reservation, the deposit in advance the amount of the accommodation requested with anticipations established by the Hotel . When the tank (voucher), or any other form of remittance, deposit acceptance of the fact of being available accommodation in the Hotel, at the same time that this receives the deposit, if personal checks, subject to collection is conditioned They must be claimed promptly by the Hotel. Room customer who made the booking till 20:00 because then the Company shall be free to assign them to other customers reserved. If through no fault of the company, this will would find impossible to meet in the guest reservation, try to get accommodation for the applicant in any other company Hotelera similar category.


Unless otherwise agreed, the applicant to cancel the reservation of single, is entitled to will be refunded the amount of the deposit had, when the cancellation from the knowledge of the company, at least 7 days prior to the time scheduled for delivery in the room that is 14:00 hrs. Because otherwise, as the guest lose the benefit of the Company the amount of your deposit unless considerations of fairness or good faith, estimated at a lower level and damage suffered by her company.


The company has hired a liability insurance, which covers damage to third parties in relation to their people and well under Mexican official standards of the company.


The company is not liable for damage, theft or loss occurred in the parking lot. It is the responsibility of the host to leave their keys at reception so your car can be moved should not allow the exit of other vehicles.


We do not allow pets in the Hotel Boutique Casa de Adobe, due to not having adequate for proper spread of these facilities. Pets except guide dogs or assistance


The hotel and operators have the exclusive right to include photos or videos and other visual depictions of graphic means any member of any nature for purposes of marketing, advertising, sales, publicity or other and all rights, title and interest contained therein ( including copyrights world there derivatives) will be owned by the Hotel Boutique Casa de Adobe, but may be demand or claim by the member.


Deemed appropriate site can allow outsiders access to use and enjoy the hotel facilities, these being subject to compulsory registration by receiving, by signing your registration card external host gives consent and acceptance of the rules of procedure of the hotel. The external host may make use of the facilities with a schedule from 9 am until 17 pm.

NOTE: This regulation complies with the order in the Mexican Official Standard Mexican Government Tourism.